01.11.2008 [News]

Joint calls for 2009

Earlier this year Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research (BRFFR) has already carried out joint calls for 2009 with the following partner organizations:
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research,
  • Ukrainian State Foundation for Basic Research,
  • National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS, France),
  • thematic regional call concerning the problems of Chernobyl catastrophe consequences for Gomel (Belarus), Bryansk (Russia) and Chernigov (Ukraine) regions with Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Ukrainian.

State Foundation for Basic Research, and also the general call for support INCO projects in basic research with foreign partners besides those from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, France, Vietnam and several other countries with which bi-lateral calls have been approved within the special agreements.

In 2008, BRFFR recommended for funding 179 INCO projects, of which 86% - with Russia. They have been applied to the joint calls with Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation. The activities of BRFFR are funded from the state budget.

More information: http://fond.bas-net.by/

Source: BelTA