31.10.2008 [News]

German-Uzbek Workshop on Plant Biotechnology

On 27 and 28 October 2008, 20 German and Uzbek scientists met in Bonn for a joint workshop on the subject of "Plant biotechnology, phytochemistry, and natural pharmaceutical materials".

The aim of the workshop was to exchange information on each country’s research priorities in these fields and to examine possible joint priorities for future collaborations between individual institutes.

The Central Asian flora features a large number of plants with great potential for the production of pharmaceutical components, much of which has yet to be researched in depth. In addition, Central Asia is the place of origin and the diversity centre of numerous globally cultivated plants and boasts a large reservoir of plant genetic resources (older varieties of useful plants and related wild varieties) that can be used for the development of new cultivars. Central Asia has specific climatic conditions (precipitation, aridity, temperature, soil humidity) that are ideal for research into new plant varieties.

The BMBF supported the workshop through its International Bureau. Central Asian countries, including Uzbekistan, are increasingly moving into the focus of European and international politics. Against this backdrop, the German Federal Government initiated an EU-Central Asia strategy during Germany’s EU Council presidency in the first half of 2007. Scientific and technological cooperation with the Central Asian countries is particularly important. Individual countries like Kazakhstan have high dynamic of economic growth and will increase investments in the development of their national research systems in the future. The BMBF’s aim is to use this opportunity to expand scientific cooperation with the region.

Prof. Michael Keusgen of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Marburg was responsible for the scientific preparation and realization of the workshop.

Source: International Bureau of the BMBF

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