16.10.2008 [News]

Path to Europe: State Program of Kazakhstan

On 29th August 2008 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the Decree on the State Program "Path to Europe", which will be realized during 2009-2011. 

The main idea of the programme is based on intensifying  technological, energy, transport cooperation between Kazakhstan and European countries, also in the field of technical management, metrology and on preparation process for Kazakhstan’s OSCE Chairmanship in 2010.

First of all its main aim is brining Kazakhstan to the level of strategic partnership with the European countries, joint development of transport networks, conformity of the Kazakhstani regulations and standards to the EC demands, improvement of the Kazakhstani legislations in accordance to the European norms and other necessary supporting activities.

To achieve the Program' aims Kazakhstan intends to improve and strengthen cooperation with the EC countries in the fields of new technologies, energy, transport, engineering and metrology, SME issues. Special attention will be given to enhancement of cooperation in the field of life quality to bring close the Kazakhstani living conditions to the European standards. The Program foresees systematic activity to improve the environment conditions, water resource protection, prevention of consequences of climate change, preservation of biodiversity.

Moreover, there are special clauses to improve the medical service rendered to population, which also will accord to the European standards by adoption of information technologies, improvement of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases, improvement of medication’s quality, implementation of new nutrition standards, and development of human resources.
Cooperation in the field of education, research, social support and employment will be intensified as well.

Second task of the Program is enhancement of Kazakhstani institutional and legislation base using positive experience of the European Union. Special emphasis will be given to development of Kazakhstani model of the government system, implementation of effective system of the state service and human resources, and to liberalization of the political life. Kazakhstan will move to a new level of strategic partnership with leading European countries in political, economic and humanitarian spheres, creating the conditions for increasing goods exchanges with Europe and joining the European integration experience and embracing its institutional-legal reforms.

Third task of the Program is foreseen to prepare presidency of Kazakhstan in OSCE in 2010. Main priorities of this part are creation of special conditions to develop the democratic institutions on OSCE area; development of transit-transport potential of the OSCE countries and Eurasian transcontinental corridors; solution of environmental issues; consolidation of confidence and security measures taking into account contribution of Kazakhstan to preservation of peace and nuclear disarmament; development of nonmilitary safety aspects to fight against of terrorism, drug dealing, organized crime; and restitution of Afghanistan.

The Program is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is part of newly created joint holding ‘Samruk-Kazyna’.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev stated on 13th October that “State Fund of Sustainable Development ‘Kazyna’ and State Holding on Management of the State Assets ‘Samruk’ are merged into new holding “Fund of National Welfare “Samruk-Kazyna””.

It is done in order to pool all state assets of Kazakhstan in one national holding. Former Head of Administration of the President, Kairat Kelimbetov, is appointed as President of the holding.  The Council of directors will be headed by Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov. Members of the Council are Minister of Economy and Budget Planning, Bakhyt Sultanov, Minister of Industry and Trade, Vladimir Shkonik, Minister of Finance, Bolat Zhamishev, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Sauat Mynbayev, and Assistant of the President on Economy Issues, Aset Isekeshev. 

The fund will held all national shares of Kazatomprom, ENRC, Kazakhmys (copper mining company), Kazakh Hypothecary Company, Kazakhstani Fund of Guaranteeing of Hypothecary Credits and Zhilstroisberbank (Saving Bank for House Building). To provide active involvement of regions to the holding seven social and entrepreneurial national corporations will be given to ‘Samruk-Kazyna’ Fund as well.

The holding will get from the National Fund $5 billion for its capitalization. Now newly created holding “Samruk-Kazyna” manages assets of largest companies of Kazakhstan, including Kazakhstani Development Bank, Investment and Innovation Funds, State Corporation of Export Credit Insurance, Fund of Entrepreneurship Development “Damu”, KAZNEX Corporation on Development and Export Promotion, Kazyna Capital Management, Center of Investment Support, Holding ‘Astana-Finance’, and Centre of Engineering and Technology Transfer.

‘Samruk-Kazyna’ Fund will undertake number of measures to realize the State Program ‘Path to Europe’. All companies involved into its activity will plan their own activities to get the best ‘paths’ to Europe.

Last week the Center of Engineering and Technology Transfer (CETT) and Independent Expert Consulting Board to Promote Scientific Research Activity in Kazakhstan (InExCB-Kz) have signed special agreement, which clauses are foreseen to widen and strengthen activities of the EU FP7 National Contact Point in Kazakhstan. It is decided that InExCB-Kz and CETT will together realize tasks of FP7 NCP to facilitate involvement of the Kazakh scientific community into the European research programs by training and awareness activities.

Now FP7 NCP will be managed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Minister of Industry and Trade already confirmed appointment of Dr. Kamila Magzieva as FP7 NCP and INCO-NCP, and Dr. Azat Betekbayev, Presdient of CETT, is appointed as NCP for Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials, and New Production Technologies. Up to end of 2008 the Ministry will appoint all new FP7 NCPs in Kazakhstan, after which their participation in FP7 NCP networks will be financially supported by the Government of Kazakhstan through budget of ‘Samruk-Kazyna’ Fund.

Source: InExCB-Kz