01.11.2008 [News]

Final brochure of the SCOPE-EAST project

As final and major achievement of the SCOPE-EAST project (Scenarios for a coordinated approach to sustainable S/T cooperation with the Eastern Neighbours of the EU) the project consortium has published a brochure comprising a summary of conclusions and recommendations which have been developed within the framework of this project. 

The SCOPE-EAST project has identified in particular the following areas which are of crucial importance to develop the S/T cooperation framework with Russia and Ukraine:

  • Improving the mutual knowledge base on S/T activities in Russia and Ukraine and EU-Member States and Associated States
  • Defining common objectives and joint priority setting
  • Bilateral funding instruments
  • Coordinating national S/T programmes
  • Mobility framework
  • S/T infrastructure
  • Coordination with other policies and respective instrument.

The present summary of conclusions and recommendations is the result of analytical work carried out by the SCOPE-EAST project consortium and intense discussions and consultations with researchers, representatives of research and funding organisations and policy stakeholders of EU-Member States, Associated States, Russia, Ukraine and the EU-Commission.

The brochure intends to provide input for the ongoing S/T science policy dialogue between stakeholders from policy and science administration EU-Member States, Associated States, Russia, Ukraine and the EU-Commission.

Here you can download the final report of the Scope East project in electronic form here.

More information: http://www.scope-east.net/

Source: International Bureau of the BMBF


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