28.08.2008 [News]

Important documents have been developed in Belarus

In Belarus, two important legislative documents have been developed by the State Committee for Science and Technologies together with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and other bodies of state management.

The first of them is a Law “About the innovative activities” which establishes the principles for the state regulation of innovative activities in Belarus, determines the basis for creation and realization of the state innovative policy, and also defines forms and conditions for granting the state support for the innovative activities. In August, agreement of the draft of the Law with the republican bodies of state management began.

The second document - the President’s Decree “About some measures on stimulation of innovative activities” - has been developed in accordance with the Action plan on realization of the Ist Congress of Belarus Scientists decisions and proposals made by its delegates (the Congress took place in November 2007). Realization of the tasks of the economy’s innovative development and speeding-up innovative activities in many respects depend on the development of innovative infrastructure, interest of the companies in the results of R&D, and also on economic interest of physical persons that are engaged in the S&T activities and bear knowledge. Stimulation of R&D and using their results in the companies’ activities, due to the special mode of taxation, has got a number of advantages in comparison with the other measures of innovative activities stimulation which make them attractive for developers, manufacturers and investors.

Source: State Committee for Science and Technologies of Belarus