24.06.2008 [News]

Belarus to implement 252 innovation projects in 2008

According to him, since the beginning of the year forty projects have been completed. Sergei Sidorsky reminded the participants of the session that some innovation projects will be launched ahead of the scheduled, namely in 2008-2009. The government has adjusted the national innovation programme. It now includes 844 projects, 173 of them are aimed at creating new productions; more than 270 at modernisation.

Belarus is in the middle of the five-year plan. “Now we can assess real achievements for the past two and a half years, to tap deeper into the resources and potential of the country,” the Prime Minister said. According to him, the main targets of the socio-economic development programme 2006-2010 are being met. The groundwork has been laid for its further implementation.

For the past five months GDP was up 10.4% as against 8.6% in the same period last year. Industrial production was up 13%, value added 31.8%. “This is a good showing,” Sergei Sidorsky said.

According to him, the consumer price index is under control of the government. In June inflation is expected at 0.5%. Belarus attracted Br10 trillion worth of capital investment, up 22.5%. More than 60% of investment was channeled into economic reforms.

Sergei Sidorsky also took note of growing incomes in the country. Real wages amounted to Br791,000, or $370 in equivalent.

Source: BelTA