16.02.2017 [News]

2017 'Year of Science' in Belarus: Event plans approved by Council of Ministers

On 14 February 2017 a plan of events for the Year of Science 2017 was approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

The plan aims at maximum involvement of the scientific sphere, which is seen as the most important driving force of economic and social development of the country, in the work on ensuring the competitiveness of the Republic of Belarus on the world market.

The plan includes nearly 70 events which are aimed at improving the legal and methodological support of science; the media coverage of Belarusian scientific achievements; publishing activities of scientists; academic and research events (conferences, seminars, roundtable sessions, etc.) and others.

Special attention will be attached to supporting creative youth, discovering talented young scientists with leadership skills, patriotic education of young scientists, developing the personnel reserve and working with young specialists.

The major focus will be on innovative scientific activity and international cooperation. The plan will cover all aspects of interaction of science with the society and economic sectors.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has been authorized to coordinate the implementation of the nationwide plan of action.

Sources: National Acedemy of Sciences of Belarus, BelTA