13.06.2008 [News]

Belarusian Justice Ministry registered the International Alferov Foundation for Education and Science Support

The main objectives of the organization are
  • to support scientific research of young scientists;
  • to provide assistance for carrying out scientific research, study, analysis and data collection in the area of science and education;
  • to finance scientific research and experimental projects;
  • to confer annual prizes on those who made a considerable contribution to the development of the Belarusian and Russian science and technology.

The Alferov Foundation will establish scholarships for talented pupils and students as well as grants for young scientists, teachers and professors. Apart from that, the Foundation will financially support widows of the members of the Belarusian and Russian Academy of Sciences and will provide assistance for schools and universities.

Zhores Alferov is the Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics and Vice-President of the RAS.

Source: BelTA