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Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Tverskaya Str., 11
Moscow, GSP-3, 125993 Russia
Phone: +7 495 629-24-44; +7 495 629-25-01; +7 495 629-17-73
Fax: +7 495 629-08-91


General information about Russia and its relations with the European Union 

German-Russian Portal

(ERA-NET's interactive information on the country, the programme collaboration schemes, the programmes this country is taking part in and the institutions actively involved / status 07 July 2009: under construction)

(Network for market oriented R&D: info on Russian activities within the network)

(An overview of key innovation stakeholders in Russia covered by the PRO INNO Europe. It includes contact information for innovation actors, including managers of innovation policy measures, participants of innovation policy monitoring networks, country correspondents and other actors in innovation policy.)

European Community-Russia S&T Cooperation Roadmap 2009-2011
(Document on current status of cooperation and planned future developments)

EC research policy framework: Russia
(Documents on S&T cooperation between EU and Russia)

CREST OMC Working Group: Country Report Russia - Analysis of EU-Russian Cooperation in S&T

Comprehensive country profile Russia provided by ERAWATCH