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The deep transformations in all spheres of society that began from the moment the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan was declared have had a significant impact on the characteristics of development of science, techniques and technology. Independence has opened up new opportunities in revival and enhancement of the achievements and traditions amassed by previous generations.

At present the state scientific and technical policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is focused on concentrating the efforts of available scientific and technical potential in the Republic for solving socio-economic problems in Uzbekistan in the conditions of a gradual transition to a socially oriented market economy. An appropriate transitional period approach for the development of science and technology has been offered and pursued, and national scientific and technical programmes outlining priority directions for the development of science and technology have been developed.

The basis of the national legislative system for a functioning sphere of science and technology has been formed: the laws on legal protection of scientific and technical results and objects of intellectual property have been approved and put into action, and normative documents regulating the specific fields of state support and stimulation of scientific and technical innovative activity have been developed.

A national patent system has been formed: the State Patent Office has been set up; the Republic has signed international agreements and contracts on the subject of legal protection of industrial property objects; and security documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan on industrial property objects have been issued.

Following the best traditions and deep study of their historical heritage, the scientists of Uzbekistan are continuing in the worthy footsteps of their predecessors.

There are radical changes in the educational system allowing it to be raised to the level of new time requirements. The important condition of transformations carried out in the educational system is the formation of an optimum system of personnel training on the basis of a rich intellectual heritage of the people and human values, achievements of modern culture, economy, science, techniques and technologies.  A national programme has been adopted on personnel training stipulating the realisation of a national model of personnel training, creation of socio-economic, legal, psychological, pedagogical and other conditions for the formation of an all-round advanced person, adaptation to life in a modern changing society, realised choice and subsequent development of educational and professional programmes, and education of citizens, who are aware of their responsibility towards society, state and family.

Today Uzbekistan is a large centre of science in Central Asia with an advanced research base, extensive scientific fund and qualified scientific staff. The scientists of the Republic pursue fundamental and applied research on major directions of modern science and world-class scientific schools have been created.

Source: IUCP-T
Last update: June 2016


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