11.07.2012 - 12.07.2012 | St. Petersburg, Russia

Science and Technology Cooperation between Russia and the EU: "Convergence of Innovative Strategies 2020"

The objective of the Conference was to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities of EU-Russia R&D and Innovation collaboration. The major focus was set on describing the existing European innovation policy instruments, sharing the experience of some most innovative EU countries. At the end of the meeting, the results from the round table discussion were entrusted to the organizing committee to bring them to the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Science.
The conference brought together European and Russian experts and policy makers to discuss how European instruments can affect the Russian innovation system and to identify specific areas of common interests in innovation.

The event focussed on:

  • presentation of the European strategy "Europe 2020" and the new EU Framework Programme "Horizon 2020";
  • discussion of the forthcoming transition from FP7 to FP8 and how to preserve the existing cooperation links between Russia and EU in the new Framework Programme "Horizon 2020";
  • comparison of innovative strategies 2020 in Russia and the EU;
  • finding new points of interaction and collaboration for developing the common European space for research and innovation economy.

The long-term goal of the conference was to create a basis for a standing Strategic EU-Russia Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation Cooperation. Similar bilateral forums between EU and US, China, and India already exist or are in the process of developing as pilot projects.

Participants in the conference included representatives of the Directorate of Research and Innovation of European Commission, the Executive Board of the European Research Council, and the European Union Mission in the Russian Federation.


  • Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation
  • Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  • National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"
  • St. Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars
  • Euroscience Local Section in Russia
  • European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer
  • Spinverse Ltd

The proposals of the Round Table are availble in Russian.

Source: http://horizont2020.spbcas.org/results.html