15.08.2012 [News]

New postgraduate education system for Uzbekistan

The degree "Candidate of Science" will be abolished in Uzbekistan. On 24 July 2012  the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, signed the decree "On the further improvement of the system of training and certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel".

The document was adopted in order to further improve the training and certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel. This represents a fundamental reform of postgraduate education within the priorities of the National Programme for Training and within the reforms of economic and democratic developments in the country. Global best practices and international standards should be implemented for the certification of scientific personnel and to improve the scientific quality and practical significance of postgraduate research, and appropraite conditions for the for the development of creative and intellectual potential of young people should be created.

The head of state, at present time, sees an objective need to radically reform the current system of training and certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, as a logical extension for the transformation of the education system under the National Program for Personnel Training.

The current two-tier system of certification of scientific personnel does not meet the modern requirements of the internationally recognized training of highly qualified scientific personnel, adopted in developed democratic countries.

According to the decree, from 1January 2013 onwards Uzbekistan will  introduce a one-step system of postgraduate education, and awarded the degree of a "Doctor of Science" in accordance with generally accepted international requirements and standards.

Source: OLAM.uz provided by Dudona Komilova, IUCP-T