01.08.2012 [News]

Expanding cooperation in science and technology between Uzbekistan and the USA

President and Chief Executive Officer of CRDF Global, Cathleen A. Campbell, visited Uzbekistan at the end of May 2012. The main purpose of the visit to discuss future perspectives of scientific and technological cooperation between the Committee for Coordination of Science and Technology Development and “CRDF Global”.

During the time of the visit several meetings were held and  issues of future cooperation in science and technology were discussed. Ms Campbell also visited the Institute of Genetics and Experimental Plant Biology of the Academy of Science of the Uzbekistan, and the applied biochemistry laboratory and the Center of Genome Technologies. The staff of the applied biochemistry laboratory already works on international joint projects with CRDF Global.

During the meetings the issue of organizing and providing joint activities and the competition of international research projects in renewable energy resources with shared financing was discussed. The use of the American company's databases and access to the program “Virtual scientific library” (developed by CRDF Global) with some of the world's best scientific and technical publications were also considered.

Another topic for discussion was the cooperation in innovation and expanding cooperation in the industry of medicinal substances using a unique biologically active materials bank created in Uzbekistan.

Following these talks, Ms Campbell said that she was sure that the cooperation with Uzbek science would be continued, and noted that the presented results of joint projects were meeting global standards.

During her visit a seminar with the participation of representatives of S&R institutes and universities of the Uzbekistan was held. The president of the American Fund informed the participants about CRDF Global's activities and about programs, projects and scientific events aiming to support science and technical cooperation in different areas of the world. She also pointed out opportunities for Uzbek scientists and specialists to participate in the programs.

An Implementation Agreement on cooperation between the Committee for Coordination for Science and Technology Development and American Fund of Civil Researches and Development was signed. Ms. Campbell reported about planned activities in the framework of the Implementation Agreement between the Committee and CRDF Global, and answered to the questions of the seminar participants.

Source: www.uzscience.uz provdided  by Dudona Komilova, IUCP-T