21.06.2012 [News]

Russian Science and Education are uncompetitive - says Minister

Over the past twenty years, Russian scientific and educational institutions have lost all competitiveness, and they need sweeping reforms, Russian Education Minister Dmitry Livanov said  at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

'There are very deep problems both within our science and education. Over the past twenty years we’ve lost competitive ability in these spheres. Just lost it. Science and education in the Soviet Union were good, but they are no more. What we have now does not meet even minimal requirements,' Livanov said.

German Gref, the head of Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, harshly criticized the national system of higher education. 'Sweeping changes are on [our] agenda,' Livanov responded.

The minister said the reforms will affect the number of educational and scientific enterprises, and added that educational programs will be revised.

Source: RIA Novosti