11.05.2012 [News]

Financial Support of Three Russian Scientific Mega-projects to be increased

The financial support of three Russian scientific mega-projects will be increased. Among these are: 
  1. High-flux research nuclear reactor (PIK) St.-Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics in Gatchina, near St.-Petersburg (in partnership with Germany and with probable involvement of North European and Baltic States);
  2. Tokamak fusion reactor called IGNITOR (Russia-Italy joint project open to accession of other international partners), Troitsk Institute for Innovation & Fusion Research (TRINITI);
  3. NICA, Nuclotron based Ion Collider Facility, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna.

The working group of the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation made such conclusion in January 2012 after consideration of interest expressed and contribution proposed by international organizations in respect of approved in June 2011 six mega-science projects. Mega-science projects are not only about the prestige of a nation. One of the criteria to select such projects was willingness of over countries to take part in their development.

Source: POISK provided by HSE