04.05.2012 [News]

Portable X-ray for chemistry analysis to be developed by Russian-Armenian joint scientific educational laboratory 'X-Ray Optics'

On the initiative of Mr. Alpik Mkrtchyan, Academician of National Academy of Sciences of RA, research supervisor at the Institute of Applied Problems of Physics of NAS RA, on  February 10, 2012 the joint  Russian-Armenian scientific educational laboratory “X-Ray Optics” was opened at the Tomsk National Research Polytechnic University.

The main activity of the lab aims at  the development of fundamental and applied research in the direction of  "Conventional and nuclear power and alternative energy technologies," according to or exceeding world analogues, creation of  laboratory of unique equipment, instruments, methods and technologies in accordance with international standards and the critical areas of research of the Russian Federation, commercialization of scientific developments and the results of scientific work, development of material science and technology base for fundamental and applied research.

The scientists of the joint Russian-Armenian scientific educational laboratory “X-Ray Optics” will design a machine for the analysis of the chemical composition of any material. The X-ray will differ from existing analogues by its compact dimensions.

The researchers were intending to create not just a compact device but the portable one, which could be placed where it is needed on a regular basis – for instance, in airports, at belt loaders by luggage examination.

According to Alexander Potylitsyn, head of theDepartment of Applied Physics, the device is planned to be put into production by 2014.

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