24.02.2012 [News]

International Institute of Solar Energy is opening in Tashkent

On February 16 the the first Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan, Rustam Azimov, and the president of the Asian Bank for Development, Harukiko Kuroda, signed a Memorandum on the creationof a new Research Centre for Solar Energy, which will allow Uzbekistan to become a hub of international knowledge and an expert in solar technplogies in the future.

As reported in the press release of ABD, the International Institute of solar energy (IISE) is meant to become an internationally recognized source of experience in the sphere of education, study and technologies of solar energy.
The researches carried out will promote the development of innovation, technology transfer and the effective and economic usage of solar technology.

“The usage of solar energy for the development of the fuel industry is not one possible option but a necessity,- said Harukiko Kuroda in the ceremony of signing of the memorandum,- ABD supports the commitment of Uzbekistan to accumulate experience, implement research and develop infrastructure, technologies and practices of clean energy”.

The stocks of carbon, gas and oil are limited. Solar energy is one of the promising alternatives. The creation of IISE will support Uzbekistan in the gaining experience  in the generation of electric power at the expense of solar resources.

ABD is supporting the program “Asian Initiative for Solar Energy” aimed at the promotion of development, financing and bringing in generators of solar energy of 3000 MB capacity to the exploitation in the developing countries.

The Asian Bank for Development, Headquater is located in Manila, which was founded in 1996 and comprises 67 countries, 48 of which are located in the region.

Source: http://www.gazeta.uz/2012/02/16/solar provided by Dudona Komilova, IUCP-T