19.01.2012 [News]

BP, Skolkovo Foundation, Boreskov Institute and Imperial College London to work together on Energy Efficiency Research Programme

BP Russia and the Skolkovo Foundation announced an agreement to set up a major research collaboration with Russia’s Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, one of the world’s largest research centres, specialising in catalysis, and Imperial College London, one of the world’s leading universities. The parties will now work together to define a three to five year GBP 9.3 million energy efficiency research programme which will, subject to the conclusion of the collaboration agreement, be co-funded by BP Russia and the Skolkovo Foundation.

The partnership will focus on improving efficiency in the use and recovery of thermal energy in the oil and gas industry, with a particular emphasis on refining processes. The programme will consist of research and technology development in a number of areas, including heat exchange equipment and processes, novel catalysts, fouling mitigation technologies in heat exchanges and pipelines, energy recovery and waste heat recycling. The agreement was signed in Moscow on December 2011 by David Peattie, Head of BP Russia, and Vasily Belov, Executive Director of Skolkovo Foundation Energy Efficiency Cluster.

Source: The official website of the Skolkovo Foundation provided by HSE