02.10.2011 [News]

Strategy of innovative development of Russia until 2020 has been adopted

The Presidium of the RF Government has approved a project of the strategy of innovative development of Russia till 2020.

The strategy implies increase of the share of innovatively active companies from current 9.3% to 40-50% by 2020, as well as growth of the Russia’s share on the global high-technologies market from current 0.3% to 2%.

Under plans, by 2020 the number of patents, registered by the Russian companies in the European Union, USA and Japan is expected to reach about 3,000.

A total budgetary funding on innovations in the next ten years is estimated at approximately $530 bn. That includes expenses on education, science and a number of other fields. However, additional innovation expenses, implied directly by the strategy, are to come in at about $1.3bn in 2012 and about $1.7bn in 2013.

According to the strategy draft, it is to be carried out in two stages. During the first stage – in 2011-2013 – the government is to work on a problem of increasing receptiveness of business and economy to innovations. Under the second stage – in 2014-2020 – large-scale modernization of industry and formation of efficient national innovation system is to be carried out.

The strategy is to result in creation of effective material and moral incentives for inflow of qualified specialists, active entrepreneurs, creative youth, into economic sectors defining its innovative development, as well as science and education that ensure this development.

The strategy implies implementation of modern innovative technologies in the public administration and governmental agencies, forming “the electronic government”, transferring most public services into the electronic format, creating conditions and incentives for innovation activity.

Source: Marchmont provided by HSE