29.10.2011 [News]

Medvedev: Foreign Scientists welcome in Russia

President Medvedev is convinced that inviting overseas scientists to Russia where they could share their knowledge and experience with their Russian colleagues is a good idea.

During a meeting with a group of young scientists at the School of Management in Skolkovo, he responded to the criticism voiced by some Russian scientists who think that the government's money would be better spent on paying them decent salaries rather than bringing over foreign specialists. “When we have people coming from abroad, our scientists gain a better understanding of what they need to achieve”, he said. He also expressed the hope that Skolkovo will create a strong, results-oriented corporate culture. Last month about fourty leading scientists from all over the world won 2-year grants from the Russian government, up to $5 million each, to carry out scientific research at Russia`s universities. (RIAN)

Source: The Voice of Russia, The Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti provided by HSE