05.10.2011 [News]

German-Ukrainian Innovation Partnership in Sustainable Environmental Technologies

A new German-Ukrainian project is meant to initiate research and development cooperation in sustainable environmental technologies. The main activities will be the establishment of a network in research and development of sustainable environmental technologies and training activities for young scientists and for staff of science parks, technology transfer centers and SMEs.

Project duration: 1 June 2011 - 31 May 2013

The project aims at expanding German-Ukrainian cooperation in climate protection and nature conservation in the context of the international climate change initiative of the German Federal Environment Ministry.

In June 2009, the German‐Ukrainian Environmental Commission explored ways of using the financial instruments of the Kyoto Protocol for cooperation in climate protection projects. Furthermore, Germany will support Ukraine in the approach to EU environmental standards and the implementation of EU partnership projects.

The process is intended to support the project by

  • Establishment of cooperation projects
  • Joint events for (young) scientists from both countries
  • Active marketing for cooperation in research and development

In 2009 an agreement on future cooperation in technology transfer between the Technology‐Park of the National Technical University of Kiev and the University of Kassel was signed.

The cooperation between the East‐West Science Center of the University of Kassel and the science and technology park "Kyivska Politekhnika" should include the following activities:

  • Establishment of a research and development network in environmental technologies with a
    focus on
    • Energy efficiency (building, production technology, mobility, economy)
    • New materials / surfaces
    • Renewable energy (battery, photovoltaic, biothermie)
  • Training programs in the area of
    • Innovation Management
    • Technology Transfer
    • International Project Management

In addition, the aim is the deliberate inclusion of scientists from the Ukraine in scientific events organized in Germany. Each year, 10 visiting scientists from Ukraine are invited to attend events in Germany and hosted by OWWZ.
German partners in the project include the Competence Network Decentralised Energy Technologies, deENet eV, theChemical Cluster in Bavaria and Jade University of Appied Sciences, Oldenburg. The initiative is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.

Source and further information:
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