19.01.2011 [News]

Belarus: new head of Belarus Academy of Sciences and new Minister of Education appointed

On 29 December 2010 Prof. Anatoly Rusetsky was appointed a Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The previous leader of the NAS, Mikhail Myasnikovich has been appointed the Prime-Minister of Belarus.

Prof. Anatoly Rusetsky started his research carrier in the Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 1973. The list of his last positions includes President of the State Scientific and Production Concern of Electronic Engineering, Deputy Minister and later on First Deputy Minister of Industry (1997-2002), Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology (2002-2003), Minister of Industry (2003-2009). Just before the appointment he headed the Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer of the NAS. 


On 29 December 2010 Prof. Sergey Maskevich was appointed the Minister of Education of  the Republic of Belarus. He has replaced Prof. Alexander Radkov who was appointed the Deputy Head of the President’s Administration.  

Mr Sergey Maskevich started his research carrier in Grodno State University specializing in physics of molecules. In this University he has gradually grown up to the Rector’s position. Just before the nomination he headed the Permanent Commission on International Affairs and Cooperation within NIS of the House of Representatives, National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

Source: BelISA