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  • 28.09.2016

    EU Centres of Excellence fund Training on Bio-Safety and Bio-Security in Central Asia

    On 26 August 2016 the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) signed a contract with a consortium, which is led by Sustainable Criminal Justice Solutions and includes Public Health England, VERTIC and Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu. They will provide expert legislative and biosafety/ biosecurity support to the ISTC during implementation of the EU Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Centers of Excellence Initiative Project 53 'Strengthening the National Legal Framework and Provision of Specialized Training on Bio-Safety and Bio-Security in Central Asian Countries'.
    [Дополнительно...] (URL: http://www.increast.eu/ru/2948.php)
  • 26.09.2016

    Belarus: New Catalogue of Technology Offers published by National Academy of Sciences

    The 2016 edition of the 'Catalogue of Innovation Technology Offers by Organisations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus' has been published. It is available for download in Russian language on the web portal of the Republican Centre for Technology Transfer (RCTT) and lists about 200 products.
    [Дополнительно...] (URL: http://www.increast.eu/ru/2945.php)

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  • 06.10.2016 - 07.10.2016 | Tbilisi, Georgia

    1st Eastern Partnership E-Infrastructure Conference (EaPEC 2016)

    The 1st Eastern Partnership E-Infrastructure Conference (EaPEC 2016) aims to serve as a platform for collaboration on policy and research and supports community building in e-Infrastructures between the Eastern Partnership region and the EU member states. This two-day conference will focus on e-Infrastructures for Open Science in Europe. Speakers will lead interactive discussions about Open Science and foster the exchange of ideas in research areas such as physics and seismology, biomedical sciences, robotics, data analytics, climate and ecology.
    [Дополнительно...] (URL: http://www.increast.eu/ru/2905.php)
  • 12.10.2016 | Brussels, Belgium

    Science|Business Network Conference 'Research Strategies: Europe 2030 and the next Framework Programme'

    As the European Commission is just now beginning to draft its next Framework Programme, this conference is designed as a dialogue platform to plan corporate, academic and government R&D strategies for the future: What will Europe, and its science and technology, be like in 2030 and beyond? How are companies, universities and governments preparing for a better future? What should the EU do to help them?
    [Дополнительно...] (URL: http://www.increast.eu/ru/2876.php)

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  • | Deadline: 30 September 2016

    IncoNet EaP Targeted Call for EU-Eastern Partnership Twinning Teams – apply now!

    This targeted call has opened on 1 September 2016 and will close on 30 September 2016. The main goal of the call 'EU-EaP Twinning Grants' is to identify EU and Eastern Partnership cooperation teams and to support the preparation for proposals of open and upcoming calls of the Horizon 2020 Work Programmes focusing on the three societal challenges: 'Climate Change', 'Health' and 'Energy'. The duration of the twinning projects is 15 October to 30 November 2016. The grants will be paid in lump sums of 2,000 Euro for each twinning project.
    [Дополнительно...] (URL: http://www.increast.eu/ru/2895.php)
  • | Deadline: 20 Oct 2016 | Training: 29 Nov 2016

    Horizon 2020 training for Eastern Partnership Energy Experts at the Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event – apply now!

    This grant scheme financially supports the participation of local researchers from Eastern Partnership countries in a Horizon 2020 training and brokerage event in Bratislava, Slovakia on 29-30 November 2016. Networking4Innovation is organised by Danube-INCO.NET and the Enterprise Europe Network on 30 November. The training on 29 November will be conducted back-to-back with the Energy Networking4Innovation Brokerage Event (a side event to the SET Plan Conference 2016). Maximum funding per grant is 1,500 EUR.
    [Дополнительно...] (URL: http://www.increast.eu/ru/2936.php)

Рекомендуемые проектов | больше...

  • | Projects of the Month – September 2016

    These EU-Central Asia cooperation projects have made a difference – learn why!

    Have you ever wondered about the outcome of the many international STI cooperation projects the EU is involved in? So have the partners in the IncoNet CA project. They have compiled a list of noteworthy deliverables from EU-Central Asia cooperation projects that are available to the public: The related projects have e.g. made a significant contribution to development of national health standards; improved the quality of services in health facilities; trained young scientists in molecular diagnostics; researched infectious diseases; introduced of innovative methods of teaching; or developed sustainable land management practices.
    [Дополнительно...] (URL: http://www.increast.eu/ru/2913.php)

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