| Deadline: 31 July 2017

Open Call for InnoEnergy Hub Applications

EIT InnoEnergy, one of the EIT’s Innovation Communities, has launched a Call for partnerships for new EIT InnoEnergy Hubs in the framework of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme. The countries eligible for this particular call include Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

InnoEnergy Hubs are local offices operated by ambitious partners, who are looking to build their local position, strengthen their business model and become a leading actor in the local ecosystem by playing a role in our European Network.

EIT InnoEnergy are currently looking for partners to operate InnoEnergy Hubs supported by the InnoEnergy Power Alliance platform in four EaP countries, i.e. Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

InnoEnergy HUB’s activities:

  • Identify, develop, and support promising ideas, startups and entrepreneurs.
  • Provide access to InnoEnergy services
  • Host and promote co-branded events (i.e. PowerUp! Competition, TBB, etc).
  • Perform innovation capacity building services, pre-acceleration programmes.
  • Actively promote InnoEnergy Business Model and participate in the local ecosystem
  • Perform local business development services and support sales channels for InnoEnergy portfolio.


I Stage – application and shortlist (max 100 p)

  • Application deadline: 31 July 2017 11:59 PM.
  • Shortlist period: 1 August – 10 August 2017
  • You apply by sending your application and InnoEnergy will select the best candidates according to the Evaluation ScoreBoard. The ones that pass over the minimum threshold will qualify for Stage II.
  • Maximum amount of points you can achieve is 100, according to the scoreboard below.

Stage II – a pitching session + interview (max 20 p.)

  • Deadline: 20 August 2017
  • InnoEnergy will contact the successful candidates from Stage I and arrange a pitching session in person or via videoconference to further validate the application.
  • Maximum amount of points you can achieve in this Stage is 20 points.
  • After the interview, the amount of points from Stage 2 will be added to the candidate’s score form Stage I and the Final Selection will be concluded.
  • In the Final Selection only one candidate from each country will be selected to become an InnoEnergy Hub.

Contract duration:

18 months, with automatic one time prolongation for another 18 months, only if 5 of all 7 KPI sets are delivered and approved by InnoEnergy.

Financial and Payment Terms

Total budget: 90 000k EUR (for achieving of total of 7 KPI SETS in 18 months)

First installment: 20 000 EUR (for establishing the Hub – branding, and operational abilities for 18 months).

Quarterly review – 10 000 EUR for each KPI delivered and approved by InnoEnergy.

Source and full call details: InnoEnergy