14.10.2013 [News]

5th European Innovation Summit: Five 'Wake Up Calls' for Action

Knowledge4Innovation (K4I) held the 5th European Innovation Summit, which took place in the European Parliament from 30 September until 2 October 2013. The summit was organised in cooperation with most prominent innovation stakeholder platforms in the EU. The outcome of the summit –'5 Calls for Action to wake up Europe' were presented during the closing event on Wednesday:
  1. Deliver on the widely accepted and appreciated new instruments and policies (2014-2020) in support of innovation.
  2. Build a culture of ‘fail fast’, ‘risk tolerance’, and ‘fast capital’ to cross the valley of death.
  3. Create a predictable policy environment and embed innovation as a principle in all measures and decisions.
  4. Engage in joint thinking and acting across sectors and along the value chain.
  5. Change what you do: a deep mindset change is needed at all levels: companies, administrations, and citizens.

The 5th European Innovation Summit was the largest ever, comprising 25 events, including the closing and opening ceremonies, a series of conference sessions, workshops, breakfast, lunch and dinner debates organised by summit partners, as well as an exhibition and two press breakfasts. The Summit gathered 1000 participants, along with three EU Commissioners, 30 Members of the European Parliament, and 150 speakers.

Source and further information: Knowledge4Innovation