15.08.2013 [News]

EU supports establishment of Regional Bio-safety and Bio-security Training Centre in Tajikistan

A newly created Bio-safety and Bio-security Training Centre in Dushanbe was opened at the Institute of Botany of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences at the end of June.

The Centre, the first for bio-safety and bio-security training in the country, is the main outcome of a project funded by the European Union ('Creation of Regional Biosafety Training Centre in Dushanbe for Capacity Building for Tajikistan and Afghanistan Professionals', implemented by ISTC, budget: about 900.000,00 EUR).

Training courses for bio-experts will be funded under the same project at the Dushanbe Centre, a total of 130 specialists from Tajikistan and Afghanistan will follow the courses in the coming year. Focus of the training will be on measures to assure the safety of personnel when handling pathogenic agents; to assure effective controls and protection against illegal and unintentional release of bio-agents; to mitigate the effect of accidentally and intentionally released bio-agents.

The project falls within a larger Action denominated 'Strengthening Bio-Safety and Bio-Security Capabilities in Central Asian Countries', one of the EU flagship programmes in Central Asia (about 7 million EUR in 2010-2014), aiming at building capacity in the field of bio-safety and bio-security.

At this occasion Ambassador Eduard Auer, EU Head of Delegation to Tajikistan said that: 'The opening of the Centre is a significant step forward for the training of Tajik bio-specialists. This should advance the ability of the country to modernize its research capacity and the future integration of the scientists in the international research community and network'.

Source: EU Delegation to Tajikistan