| Deadline: 26 March 2013

Sixth call for Tempus project proposals

The sixth call for proposals of Tempus IV was announced on December 5, 2012 with a deadline on March 26, 2013. Project proposals of the current call submitted with participation of universities from Ukraine, should concern modernization of curricula in the fields of teacher training and education, law and good governance, including human rights, health, environment including climate change and other fields; reform of university governance and student services, introduction of quality assurance mechanisms, promotion of lifelong learning in society, development of qualification frameworks, training of non-university teachers and more.
These and other national and regional priorities, as well as rules for participation, criteria of assessment, funding conditions, proposal submission  procedure etc. are detailed in call documentation published here.

Duration of Tempus projects is from two to three years, with allowed grant amount from 0.5 mil EUR to 1.5 mil EUR. Priority in this call will be given to projects focusing on subject areas insufficiently covered by completed or on-going Tempus projects, and to proposals including partner country higher education institutions that have not benefitted under Tempus IV.

The Tempus programme budget for Eastern Neighbouring area that Ukraine belongs to, has been increased from 29 mil EUR (last call) to 42,35 mil EUR (this call), that means more quality projects to be selected with participation of institutions from this geographical area.

Tempus programme – educational programme of the EU that aims at modernisation of higher education in EU partner countries, at establishment of the area of cooperation in higher education between the EU and partner countries, as well as at promotion of voluntary convergence with the EU developments in the field of higher education. Tempus IV has been implemented since 2007.

For questions on the newly announced call, please contact:

National Tempus Office in Ukraine
Tel. +380442866668, +380443322645
E-mail: tempus@ilid.org.ua
Website: http://www.tempus.org.ua/