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AERO-UKRAINE: "Stimulating Ukraine - EU Aeronautics Research Co-operation"

Ukraine has a proud heritage in aeronautics dating from the Soviet era. It is one of the few countries in the world to have research, engineering and production capabilities across a wide range of aeronautics technologies. Despite these strengths, the participation of Ukrainian aeronautics actors in the EC’s past framework programmes has been low. Consequently, the main aim of AERO-UKRAINE is to facilitate research co-operation between aeronautics actors from the EU and Ukraine.

Project overview

  • Project acronym: AERO-UKRAINE
  • Project full title: Stimulating Ukraine - EU Aeronautics Research Co-operation
  • Project number: 233640
  • Type of funding scheme: International Cooperation Support Action (SA) under FP7 programme
  • Target groups: Ukrainian aeronautics research and technology organizations (National Academy of Sciences, Higher Education Institutes and Industrial Organisations) and their European counterparts
  • Start: 01/4/2009
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Website: http://www.aero-ukraine.eu/ 

Project Activities

In order to support the participation of Ukrainian aeronautics organizations in EU aeronautics research, AERO-UKRAINE’s activities include:

  • Mapping and reporting on Ukrainian aeronautics capabilities
  • Organising FP7 aeronautics events in Ukraine
  • Supporting Ukrainian participation in FP7-AAT programme
  • Supporting preparations for a FP7 Aeronautics National Contact Point in Ukraine

Research and Technology Areas

Ukrainian expertise being promoted by AERO-UKRAINE includes the following aeronautics research and technology areas:

  • Materials;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Numerical Simulation and Analysis;
  • Structure;
  • Aerodynamics;
  • Propulsion;
  • Safety;
  • Systems;
  • Communications and Navigation;
  • Testing;
  • Airports

Results so far

During 2010, the AERO-UKRAINE team has published an extensive Ukrainian aeronautics brochure – with the profiles of over 50 of Ukraine’s leading research and technology groups – and a Ukrainian aeronautics report with a thorough description of the country’s aeronautics research and technology sector (e.g. the role of the State and current and future perspectives for aeronautics research and technology cooperation). Both publications can be found on the AERO-UKRAINE website (www.aero-ukraine.eu).

Also, the project has organized a couple of successful events in Ukraine – in Kyiv and Zaporozhye – that have attracted over 150+ participants including representatives from Airbus, Antonov, DLR and Ivchenko-Progress. In April 2011, the project will hold its final event at National Aerospace University "KhAI" in Kharkiv. Those interested to attend are invited to contact Igor Rybalchenko (iar@khai.edu).

Thanks to the direct support of AERO-UKRAINE, Ukrainian organizations have participated in four proposals under FP7 AAT Call 3.


Andrej Kocsis
Project Coordinator
Slot Consulting

Igor Rybalchenko
National Aerospace University "KhAI"

Giles Brandon


Organisations conducting Aeronautics Research and Technology in Ukraine (click here for larger image)

source: Aero-Ukraine project

Antonov AN-148
(Image courtesy of Antonov ASTC)

source: Aero-Ukraine project

D-18T Engine from SE Ivchenko-Progress
(Image courtesy of SE Ivchenko-Progress)

source: Aero-Ukraine project