27.09.2010 - 29.09.2010 | Brussels, Belgium

IncoNet CA/SC: EECA/SC research competence presented at ICT 2010

ICT 2010 "Digitally Driven" continued a series of biennial events organised by the European Commission that have become a gathering point for researchers, business people, investors, and high level policy makers in the field of digital innovation. IncoNet CA/SC joined forces with several other projects to promote the research competence of the EECA and South Caucasus regions.
Commisioner Neelie Kroes © EC/ICT 2010The opening address1 by European Commissioner Neelie Kroes, Vice President for the Digital Agenda, stressed the importance of public funding and support for ICT research and innovation. During the event the European Commission announced one of the biggest calls ever for ICT research proposals under the EU's research framework programmes. It will result in project funding of € 780 million in 2011. This funding especially aims to advance research on the future internet, robotics, smart and embedded systems, photonics, ICT for energy efficiency, as well as health and well-being in an ageing society.2

Speakers of the first day's plenary debate expressed their visions for ICT policies from various perspectives: Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, emphasized the importance of standardisation, while Jim Hagemann-Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP set a focus on targeting future networking developments at the business world rather than at the consumer. André-Jacques Auberton, CEO of Soitec, pointed out the important contribution of SMEs to ICT innovation.EECA ICT stand © St. Franke/ PT-DLR

The so-called 'International Village' was one of the best visited areas of the exhibition. IncoNet CA/SC had joined forces with four other projects (EXTEND, ISTOK-SOYUZ, SCUBE-ICT, EU-RU.NET) to promote the ICT - and general - research competence of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus countries. Both the incrEAST web portal as well as the EECA ICT gateway were presented and visitors found extensive information on how to set up research cooperation with the featured regions.

Visitors included researchers, entrepreneurs and public sector representatives from both the EU and other countries worldwide. The EECA stand enjoyed constant and vivid visitor traffic. Many expressed their interest in cooperation and their wish for easier access to information about available cooperation partners and funding opportunities.

IncoNet EECA and IncoNet CA/SC will continue their efforts to provide such information and to disseminate it among the research communities of both the EU and the EECA/SC countries.

Link to the event: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict/2010/index_en.htm

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